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The launch of 2019 Taipei International TV Market & Forum increases the international viability

The launch of 2019 Taipei International TV Market & Forum increases the international viability of Taiwan's original content

The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development today announces the launch of the 2019 Taipei International TV Market & Forum at the Taipei Marriot Hotel.

Peng Chun-heng, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture; Hsu Yi-chun, Director General of Bureau of Audiovisual and Music lndustry Development, Ministry of Culture; Ting Hsiao-ching, Chairperson of Taiwan Creative Content Agency, join hands to kick off the event, which showcases the best of Taiwan's TV products and spurs international cooperation and sales, and the event will run through November 14. In remarks made at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister Peng said that the Taipei International TV Market & Forum is an excellent place to take stock of the industry, share experiences and technologies, develop international cooperation, and together create a healthier environment for cultural industries. He also emphasized that The Ministry of Culture has invested heavily over the past few years in creating an environment conducive to the growth of cultural industries. As part of this, it has offered awards and funding for the publishing of novels, creation of scripts, establishment of the Taiwan Comic Base, program production, post-production and special effects, culture-related technology, personnel training, overseas marketing, and script translations and dubbing. These grants and guidance programs have laid the groundwork for creation, and greatly increased the nation's capacity to produce original content. Moreover, they have opened new pathways for derivative content to reach the marketplace. This year, in order to expand the scope of activities and increase business with rising markets, there will be 84 buyers from 20 nations and regions to join the event including Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Colombia, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam. This year among the guests of honor are GYAO and Hulu Japan, both from Japan, and the sponsors are proud to announce the addition of the Southeast Asia Exhibition Area, where related nations will host booths. There are 64 vendors attend the event this year, including Taiwan's television channels, post-production firms, new media technology firms, TV content creators, over-the-top platforms, film councils of Taiwan's cities and counties, and southeast Asian vendors, as well as the newly established Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TIACCA). Altogether, these vendors will be offering over 244 TV programs to buyers. In addition to rights trading meetings, three International TV Forums will be held: Bringing Taiwan's Original Content to the Global Market, the TV/OTT Effect on Drama Productions; and Content Analytics: Functions and Applications. At these, experts from Taiwan and other nations will bring their insights and perspectives on the latest international trends, successful cases, and key operational milestones. These events will spur new understandings among Taiwan's industry players, and spur the greater growth of this sector. Two pitching sessions will be held to allow Taiwan's content creators the opportunity to meet with investors from Taiwan and all over the world. At a tea party during the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister Peng will present the 2019 Awards for Television Dramas Broadcast Overseas. For its success in having The Perfect Match broadcast all over the world - including Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Europe, and the Americas - Sanlih E-Television Co., Ltd. will be presented with the Best Effective Reach on an Overseas Platform Award. The series has also made inroads in such historically closed markets as Central Asian nations, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Choco Media Co., Ltd., meanwhile, will be honored with the Best Overseas Creativity Marketing Award for HIStory Seasons One and Two. This series is noteworthy for having used smart marketing strategies over new media to break new ground with audiences. It has been acclaimed by young people all over the world, enjoying record views and clicks online. Taiwan Television Enterprise Ltd. will be honored with the Best Overseas Production Award for its series Prince William. This program was a major hit among Mandarin-speakers in the Americas and New Southbound Policy partner countries. Each award recipient will also be granted NT$1 million. Deputy Minister Peng emphasized that Taiwan is a land of many moving stories that can serve as inspiration for TV and film productions. Taiwan is an excellent partner for the development of the international film/TV market. Working together, Taiwan and foreign enterprises can make Taiwan globally renowned as a producer of fine TV programming. The TAICCA, founded in May, will work with the Ministry of Culture to create an environment that is suitable for the development of cultural content industries. The agency will work to establish a "national team" of noteworthy enterprises by joining government and private resources in support of film/TV, pop music, illustrated publications, digital publishing, games, fashion, and culture-related technology. Assistance will be provided concerning creation, distribution, and international sale of these products. The main thrusts of TAICCA's efforts will be content development, creation of culture-related technology, and building a funding system for cultural works. To achieve its end of being a bridge between the government and the private sector, it will conduct surveys, train personnel, make investments, and forge international alliances. The Taipei International TV Market & Forum is a much-anticipated event for the TV industry for both Taiwanese and foreign participants. Over three days, in addition to the market, international forums, pitching meetings, and meetings with government film commissions will be held. A new media tech area will also be featured this year. Aside from these events, the TV Screenwriting Award and Taiwan Literature Award will be presented. More, a special tea party for XMediaMatch-Excerpts from "From Book to Screen" Titles, as well as XMediaMatch "From Book to Screen" business matching events will be held. According to the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, the events will give international buyers, local investors, and content creators the chance to better understand Taiwan's literature, animation, and TV content and spur international derivative rights trading, business matching, and expanded cooperation.

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