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G-Core Labs presented a multifunctional virtual data center for agile scaling of IT infrastructures

G-Core Labs presented a multifunctional virtual data center for agile scaling of IT infrastructures and product development boost

G-Core Labs, an international cloud and edge solution provider, is expanding its product portfolio and has announced the launch of a public cloud—it's the most important announcement the company made this year. The cloud features a multifunctional virtual data center that allows companies of any size and from any field to scale their IT infrastructure in just a few clicks, and also to boost the developing, testing, and launching of new products and services significantly without buying the expensive necessary equipment.

Today, to be successful in a highly competitive environment, online companies (from media, banks, insurance companies, game developers and publishers, to online retail stores, educational and healthcare services) need quick access to powerful high-quality development and business operation tools that can be scaled up as soon as such a necessity arises. For instance, to withstand a peak influx of website users during a sale period, or to launch a new document scanning service, which can be important for healthcare and financial companies.

"All these tasks can be performed with the help of our public cloud. Here in your personal account you can order a specific set of any capacities for your needs, and you pay only for the resources you actually use by the minute, utilizing a pay-as-you-go model. Today, our public cloud already offers a standard functionality of crossfunctional virtual machines, not limited in capacity, with the options of smooth automatic scaling, system backup, and data disaster recovery. We allow our clients to create virtual cloud networks where they can set up private clusters to do necessary computations or to isolate a certain set of applications within their own cloud network", says Vsevolod Vayner, G-Core Labs Cloud Platform Department Head.

Within platform services, or PaaS, we plan to add an option of autodeploying Kubernetes clusters for container orchestration soon, to finish the integration of a platform for developing, testing, and launching AI applications and Hadoop-based systems for working with big data. Currently, G-Core Labs together with customers and partners is already working on a number of pilot projects related to neural networks, and the results are very promising.

The G-Core Labs cloud is based in Luxembourg; Moscow, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sidney, Santa Clara, São Paolo, and Khabarovsk are to follow.

The G-Core Labs public cloud is integrated with the company's other products and services, including the international content delivery system that was marked in the Guinness World Records and provides an average cloud response time of less than 30 ms; high-efficiency DDoS attack protection at the net protocol level; a cloud object data repository; a media platform for streaming and providing videos on demand, and other solutions.

Earlier, G-Core Labs successfully completed a number of private cloud system projects, including one of the biggest online game developers and publishers—Wargaming (World of Tanks, World of Warships, and other titles).

G-Core Labs cloud services are on average 20–30% cheaper than the same services from the "big five" providers.

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