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ST Engineering iDirect enables Speedcast to respond to growing bandwidth demand

ST Engineering iDirect enables Speedcast to respond to growing bandwidth demand

ST Engineering iDirect, a company of ST Engineering North America, today announced that Speedcast, the world’s most trusted provider of remote communication and IT solutions, will deploy the Newtec Dialog® platform to provide worldwide satellite broadband services for its customers.

The deployment will enable Speedcast to respond to the exponential demand for high-speed connectivity on board cruise ships and may also be used for other vertical market segments with increasing bandwidth requirements, such as yachting, oil and gas and the enterprise market. This builds upon the long-term partnership that has been forged between ST Engineering iDirect and Speedcast, supporting mission-critical communications in the world’s most remote regions.

The cruise market remains the biggest user of maritime satellite communications and is driving the sector with its increasing demand for connectivity. Cruise ships are essentially floating cities, and passengers and crew wish to experience the same connectivity at sea as at home. This supports the multiple devices that they have to keep in touch on social media and for their online entertainment needs. More essentially, connectivity brings about a plethora of operational benefits for operators, enabling them to manage their fleets and crew more effectively.

“Our customers are increasingly faced with the need to deliver a seamless, high quality, high-speed connectivity experience, which drives significant growth in demand for Speedcast services,” said PJ Beylier, CEO, Speedcast. “We were looking for a technology platform that could meet our current and future bandwidth challenges but also that was versatile enough to be used across other market segments where we were seeing similar demands. The Dialog platform, with its high throughput and efficiency capabilities, allows us to deploy high-end services and is ultimately a natural extension of our existing Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) network. The partnership with ST Engineering iDirect will enable us to deploy a unified platform for the cruise sector to drive network efficiencies and ultimately create a better customer experience. This world-class global maritime and offshore network will leverage the optimal satellite capacity over each region to deliver bandwidth to hundreds of cruise ships and yachts. This network will give us a competitive advantage and enable us to continue to support the growing connectivity demands of our customers.”

“To stay ahead in this highly competitive and increasingly digitalized market, fast and reliable connectivity is essential,” said Thomas Van den Driessche, President of the Executive Strategic Board and Chief Commercial Officer, ST Engineering iDirect. “The recent integration of ST Engineering iDirect and Newtec will ensure that Speedcast is able to maintain its lead in this high-value market with a forward-thinking, market-leading technology partner that will remain dedicated to protecting its investment across its entire VSAT network. We are proud to support Speedcast, a leading force in the maritime market, with the network capabilities that it needs to meet and exceed its customers’ requirements, no matter how remote they are or what their business entails.”

Dialog can be used as a single and multi-service VSAT platform that allows operators and service providers to build and adapt superior infrastructure and satellite networking according to their business or missions. It gives operators the power to offer a variety of mobile and fixed services on a single platform, all of which can be delivered to customers operating remotely.