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Dynamic Spectrum Alliance to lead worldwide dynamic spectrum sharing collaboration at 2020 Global Su

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance to lead worldwide dynamic spectrum sharing collaboration at 2020 Global Summit

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has released the agenda for its eighth annual DSA Global Summit. Offering a platform for industry professionals to collaborate with regulators and authorities on progressing dynamic spectrum sharing worldwide, the event is being held from 2 – 4 June 2020 in Paris, France. “Last year was very active for the success of spectrum sharing and regulation development, with many milestones reached. However, we are expecting an even more progressive year in 2020 with decisions about crucial new regulations being finalized worldwide,” said Martha Suarez, DSA President. “In our upcoming Global DSA Summit, we will condense the industry’s progress throughout the year into a three-day cooperative opportunity to develop the leading dynamic spectrum sharing solutions.” With global contributions from a variety of professional standpoints, the event promises rich and diverse insight into industry advancement. The event is set to start with a regulators workshop closed session, where open discussions with spectrum authorities will be held to highlight the challenges they face and how innovation in spectrum management can help to address them. The summit will host several technical sessions, each structured with effective collaboration in mind. In these, regulators, industry speakers, not-for-profit organizations and academics will exchange and discuss the latest dynamic spectrum access technologies. Most prominent on the agenda are the discussions into next generation Wi-Fi, TV White Space, millimeter Wave, Internet of Things (IoT) technology and Mid-Band Spectrum Sharing, focusing on Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and C-Band. All such topics have become increasingly salient over the past year and are projected to overhaul the current spectrum structure over the next 12 months. “We are committed to connecting the unconnected and underserved via affordable dynamic spectrum sharing techniques, and collaboration is key to driving spectrum sharing progress,” Martha continued. “For our 8th annual event, we would like to thank ARCEP and ANFR sincerely for contributing to our cause by kindly hosting us in Paris.” With significant developments taking place in spectrum sharing this year, the DSA 2020 Global Summit will be a key opportunity for all industry sectors to continue pushing forward the momentum of spectrum access that has been witnessed so far. Outcomes of the event can be followed on the DSA’s social media and on their website, with summaries being published after the summit is concluded. Join the discussion at the Global Summit 2020 and keep up to date with industry decisions and progress. Registration for 2020 is now open – to secure your place, register here.