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Azercosmos and Infostellar to enter into Ground Station Partnership

Azercosmos and Infostellar to enter into Ground Station Partnership

Azerbaijan Satellite Operator Azercosmos and Japanese Ground Segment as a Service Provider Infostellar have signed an agreement that will enable Infostellar customers access to their satellite constellations from the Azercosmos Ground Station (AGS), located in the Absheron peninsula.

AGS is ideally positioned at the unique location between Europe and Asia. Being a universal ground station, AGS provides satellite operators with secure, highly reliable services, enabling a real-time transmission environment for satellites in low earth orbit. AGS has the capacity to provide on-demand and continuous services to all global satellite operators.

The station consists of a 5.5m S/X-Band antenna system and a network infrastructure that makes it compact and versatile. IP connection to two backbone optical lines provides network resilience and redundancy. Moreover, AGS has the ability to be flexible in terms of system configuration and modulation, based on the technical requirements of customers.

Azercosmos CEO and Chairman Rashad Nabiyev said, “We feel very happy about having a Japanese space communications infrastructure company Infostellar among our partners. It is of great importance for us to provide high, secure, and reliable services to our customers together with such a young, energized and, most importantly, a professional team.”

Mr Nabiyev added “Azercosmos is the only satellite operator in the Caucasus, and its Ground Station is located in a very strategic position, in the spot where East meets West. That is why integrating the StellarStation platform with the Ground Station will create an excellent condition for organizations to get secure access to the satellites that pass over our coverage area.”

Infostellar’s CEO, Naomi Kurahara, said, “It is important to have a ground station in the right location for delivering satellite remote sensing images at the right time. Azercosmos' ground station is located in a unique position, which with our platform, will allow satellite operators to design and deploy a strategic ground station network for their satellite data intelligence service. We are very happy to improve the coverage of our platform together with Azercosmos' professional, reliable ground station team.”