• Richard Hooper

HISPASAT and PLD Space agreement to collaborate in the compatibility analysis of small satellites on

HISPASAT and PLD Space agreement to collaborate in the compatibility analysis of small satellites on board MIURA 5 rocket

The Spanish companies HISPASAT, satellite telecommunications operator, and PLD Space have signed an agreement in Madrid with the intention of working together on defining the technical features and analysing compatibility to launch services on board MIURA 5.

Signing this agreement means the companies are committed to working together to validate PLD Space as a launch services provider. PLD Space and HISPASAT will thus draft a formal framework that specifies the services and deliverables to validate MIURA 5 launches. HISPASAT has extensive work experience with large launchers on defining the technical conditions that satellites must meet to be put in orbit by a rocket, so it can provide valuable collaboration to PLD Space in order to establish the specifications (mass, volume, mechanical features, electromagnetic environment, etc.) that satellites must meet to be integrated and launched on board MIURA 5.

“For us it is immensely satisfying to be able to collaborate with a young and entrepreneurial Spanish company like PLD Space”, assured Antonio Abad, technical and operations director of HISPASAT. "The appearance of young and daring companies full of great talent and ideas is excellent news for the Spanish space sector. I think that we must all support Raúl Torres and Raúl Verdú, the company's co-founders, in developing this new launcher, which will open up new opportunities to access space and who we may be able to establish a business relationship with in the future", concluded Abad.

"HISPASAT's interest in working with PLD Space means a lot to us. HISPASAT is a highly important operator, with extensive experience and well established trajectory in the telecommunications satellite industry. The small launchers market is new for them and small satellites are a new business opportunity. Without a doubt, this agreement with HISPASAT is a step forward in our company's positioning and an opportunity for HISPASAT to explore a new market, in this highly competitive field”, the CEO and co-founder of PLD Space, Raúl Torres, noted.