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COMSAT strengthens redundancy and terrestrial network with significant teleport expansions

Antennas point upward while electronics that control them are installed.

COMSAT Inc., the global satellite connectivity solutions provider, is making significant investments in its Tier 4 certified U.S. teleport and ground network infrastructure. The physical expansion enables COMSAT to create new levels of terrestrial redundancy, bolster its military-grade cybersecurity offering, and increase capacity across its entire network. The development will also support working with multiple global carriers to optimize more geographically diverse network routes, minimizing latency and outage times.

“Any satellite network is only as good as its ground infrastructure, as even the most technically advanced satellite cannot communicate effectively and efficiently if it is not supported by a robust, resilient terrestrial network. These assets cost hundreds of millions of dollars to deploy, yet without reliable terrestrial support they are essentially inoperable. Our mission is to ensure that never happens as we continue satisfying the increased demand from existing satellite partners, while also providing capacity for a host of new players entering space,” says COMSAT CEO David Greenhill. “Once finished, COMSAT will deliver the most advanced, powerful and interconnected global network and ground facilities which combined will support more satellite constellation providers, and their customers, than any other terrestrial network.”

Through the acquisition of additional land, the building of three new 7.3M Ku-band antennas, and the re-sectoring and re-anchoring of existing antenna assets, COMSAT will provide augmented connectivity access to a diverse range of satellites, including GEO, LEO and MEO constellations from both its Southbury, CT., and Santa Paula, CA. teleports. Upon completion in March 2020, the enhanced operations will boost COMSAT’s extensive network ensuring consistent, comprehensive redundancy and seamless connectivity solutions for satellite partners and customers operating in multiple service environments worldwide.

COMSAT’s agnostic approach defines its ability to optimize and adapt its services, infrastructure and support in a rapidly expanding and dynamic sector. This enables partners and customers to effectively maximize the capabilities of the space-based assets to provide essential mission communication systems and ensure on-time and seamless operations, no matter how complex.

The latest COMSAT investment also supports the full SD communications network. As part of the Satcom Direct family of companies, COMSAT works closely with the SD Data Center providing one of the industry’s top-rated cybersecurity services. The SD Data Center in Melbourne, FL. allows customers to use the teleports as a bridge for both legacy and new networks through its in-house data center services. Access to its cloud services or any of the numerous cloud service providers is also available.