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Isotropic’s Datadragon™ transforms bandwidth management and prepares to bring network of networks to

Isotropic’s Datadragon™ transforms bandwidth management and prepares to bring network of networks to life

Isotropic, the trusted provider of global Internet services offering unrivaled certainty, will be highlighting its revolutionary Datadragon™ bandwidth management solution at next week’s Satellite 2020 show in Washington, D.C. Through Datadragon, the company demonstrates its commitment to advancing 5G deployment in the industry by playing an active role in validating new 5G satellite applications and by creating new management tools that can power 5G systems.

New technology and standards, including 5G, are emerging on a constant basis and therefore, the need to understand bandwidth capacity availability and distribution models across multiuse and hybrid networks is more critical than ever. This is coupled with an insatiable appetite for bandwidth and speed as a result of consumer demand for greater connectivity. Datadragon enables unprecedented levels of application-level transparency, optimization, and personalization across any single or hybrid network.

Utilizing its patented algorithm, coupled with state-of-the-art AI technology, Datadragon offers detailed insights into day-to-day user activities and gives clients the ability to optimize and prioritize bandwidth allocation according to their end-users’ needs.

“Datadragon holds a magnifying glass up to bandwidth usage patterns and user history to create greater efficiencies, leading to frictionless experiences and opportunities to increase revenues from excess bandwidth and to enable the delivery of exceptional user experiences,” said Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst and CEO at Isotropic. “These strategic insights will provide our clients with opportunities to create new revenue streams and increase network profitability which are essential in these changing times.”

The Datadragon platform is already deployed in various industry sectors and is elevating customers’ ability to become closer to their end-users, empowering them to do more with their bandwidth.

“Since deploying Datadragon, we now have the ability to visualize the data across the network, prioritize time-critical applications such as VoIP, and ensure no data flow is left behind,” said Michael Zalle, Vice President at Squire Tech Solutions, a Texas-based critical communications provider. “With the Datadragon portal, we can easily see if the client is online, where the client geographically is, and whether the data is properly being allocated. This is vital to us, as our clients often have limited resources available to them during critical times. The difference that Datadragon has made to our client’s overall user experience has been immeasurable.”