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SatSignature unveils cloud-based satellite usage reporting service

SatSignature unveils cloud-based satellite usage reporting service

SatSignature the world’s first spectrum analyzer-in-the-cloud monitoring service, has introduced its Satellite Usage Report service, which offers valuable insights into transponder capacity usage, activity and loading. The service can provide a variety of benefits to satellite service providers and buyers, spectrum regulators, market analysts, government monitoring services, and others. As the world’s first live online 24/7 cloud-based satellite spectrum monitoring service, SatSignature continuously records all monitored satellite signals. “Our new Satellite Usage Report service uses recorded data to produce comprehensive custom reports for satellites of interest over any available period of time and frequency span,” said Zuhair Muakkit, Co-Founder of SatSignature. “ It instantly provides access to historical spectrum plots and data across multiple satellites in just clicks, at a fraction of the cost of deploying a dedicated satellite monitoring system.” SatSignature‘s new service makes independent third-party data and insights available for many use cases, including:

  • Dispute Resolution: third-party evidence to document interference or unauthorized transponder access in order to resolve billing disputes.

  • Market Analysts / Capacity Buyers: stay in front of the market by monitoring and identifying usage trends, vacant capacity, and vital information.

  • Capacity Management: identify and reduce waste; track occasional bookings vs. actual transponder accesses.

  • Spectrum Management/Regulatory: monitor satellite spectrum usage trends, such as C-band / 5G repack, via independent third-party data.

  • Competitive Intelligence: follow competitor loading trends.

  • Government/Defense: access satellite spectrum usage data for information gathering.

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