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AFCEA names TriSept’s Mark Spangler to cyber committee

AFCEA names Trisept’s Mark Spangler to cyber committee

TriSept Corporation, a leading provider of launch integration, program management, systems engineering, security, and software development for commercial and government markets, today announced Mark Spangler, the company’s senior cyber security advisor, has been selected to serve on the AFCEA International Cyber Committee.

Spangler joined TriSept two years ago to support a broad range of customers, including government agencies and commercial businesses, with a high level of information security insight that comes with 36 years of leadership experience at the CIA and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). As a new member on the AFCEA Cyber Committee, Spangler will help to drive proactive cyber security programs and interactive discussions aimed at addressing growing threats and concerns around the world.

A collaborative forum for military, government and commercial communities, AFCEA International connects people, ideas and solutions to a broad range of challenges facing agencies and industries across the globe. AFCEA’s Cyber Committee is a volunteer group of public and private sector information technology professionals who oversee the organization’s outreach initiatives that encourage and promote best practices in cyber security.

“As the senior cyber security advisor on our TriSept security team, Mark Spangler brings daily world class knowledge and insight to ongoing discussions and security programs supporting both our government and commercial customers across the space and intel sectors and beyond,” said Rob Spicer, TriSept CEO. “We look forward to Mark sharing his thought leadership with the broader markets as he participates on this key AFCEA committee at a time when cyber security is increasingly and rightfully a top priority among companies and government agencies everywhere.”

“Having spent the vast majority of my career focused on educating and coordinating against national and global cyber security threats, I am truly honored to serve on AFCEA’s Cyber Committee to help thwart growing security risks facing government and business,” said Mark Spangler, TriSept senior cyber security advisor and AFCEA Cyber Committee member. “I look forward to sharing ideas with colleagues on the committee with the goal of building awareness through articles, panel discussions and day-to-day strategies to put the best possible information security plans in place across government, commercial and academic settings.”