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The Hornet state of the art modular terminal - a rugged interchangeable multiband solution powered b

The Hornet state of the art modular terminal - a rugged interchangeable multiband solution powered by the PIM

Innovative satcom solutions provider, Paradigm, continues making satcom simple with an enhanced version of its field-proven HORNET terminal.

The HORNET is a modular solution, allowing the user to interchange between different sized antennas, RF head and modem modules. This provides a single satcom solution for many different operational requirements. The terminal is environmentally rugged yet still lightweight and crucially can now be packed into an airline-friendly single case.

The HORNET integrates the easy-to-use and field-proven PIM (Paradigm Interface Module) which allows any non-skilled user to point the antenna in just a few minutes.

Online video training and demonstrations of this and other PIM-Powered terminals are now being conducted by Paradigm during the COVID-19 travel restrictions. Paradigm’s range of PIM-powered terminals also includes the SWARM®, the CONNECT100T and the MANTA®.

Available modules for the HORNET currently include a choice of 60, 80 and 100cm antennas with RF modules between 5 and 80W; frequency bands cover Ka, Ku and X over both extended commercial and military ranges. The terminal is also modem agnostic, supporting all the main high performance modems.

The PIM is a rugged, field-proven, terminal controller operating in many different market sectors across 5 continents. It provides the ‘brains’ of a satcom solution and can work with any air interface to provide a common pointing experience across a whole range of manufacturers’ terminals. Operators simply point the terminal using easy to follow onboard audio and visual cues. The PIM integrates into all the major satellite networks aswell as a wide range of modems, supporting the major types including iDirect, Newtec,UHP, Comtech and Teledyne Paradise amongst others.

Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director of Paradigm added: “By developing our HORNET terminal into this incredibly versatile solution, our customers can now purchase one system that will meet just about every satcom requirement. In our demos, everyone has been extremely impressed with its simplicity, its ruggedness and its single-case portability.”