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New WTA report, “New Paths to Teleport Profitability,” analyses challenges and offers recommendation

New WTA report, “New Paths to Teleport Profitability,” analyses challenges and offers recommendations for sustaining profits in fast-changing markets

The World Teleport Association (WTA) has released New Paths to Teleport Profitability, a research report that explores how teleport operators, facing fast change in markets and technologies, can sustain profits and target new revenue sources today and in future years. The report is sponsored by Talia, a top-tier provider of internet, voice and video services headquartered in the UK and operating a WTA-certified teleport in Raisting, Germany. “The challenges of market change are immense right now,” said executive director and report editor Robert Bell, “from the growth of OTT and falling satellite bandwidth prices to new constellations and continuing industry consolidation. The report reveals the impressive ways that teleport operators are adapting by streamlining operations, exploring new markets and building new partnerships.” WTA members can access the report by signing in to their accounts on the WTA website. The report is free for WTA Members and available for purchase by others. Members may directly download the report by following this link. In stable markets with established processes, skillful managers can find plenty of opportunity to develop new efficiencies and trim costs. Times of drastic change, however, can be tough times to maintain profitability. When services, technologies and markets are in flux, it becomes much harder to estimate costs, prioritize investment and make smart personnel decisions. Growing top-line revenues changes from building volume for existing services to a series of bets on untested opportunities. Seizing those opportunities often means making investments in technology and skilled staff whose return can only be guessed at. Yet the same changes also bring exciting opportunities to replace high-cost technologies with lower-cost ones and re-engineer operations in major ways. They uncover market opportunities that were invisible before, with the potential to generate years of growth. In this report, WTA talks with technologists and operators to uncover the service, technology and market changes that present the most challenge to profitability today as well as those that open new paths to higher margin business.

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