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Ultimaker launches podcast series to empower 3D printing adoption

Ultimaker launches podcast series to empower 3D printing adoption

Ultimaker, the global leader in desktop 3D printing, today announced the launch of its new podcast series, "Talking Additive." The first season of "Talking Additive" features guests from Ultimaker's network of partners, customers and allies, including decision makers from leading manufacturing companies, third-party Materials Alliance partners and Ultimaker.

Ultimaker's "Talking Additive" provides an interactive avenue to explore the impact of adopting additive manufacturing. The podcast, hosted by Matt Griffin, Director of Community Development at Ultimaker, aims to uncover new details about the evolving paradigm for the future of manufacturing, engineering and design through stories and experience from top innovators from around the globe.

Now available, the first three "Talking Additive" episodes feature:

  • Matthew Forrester, Additive Manufacturing Technical Manager, L'Oréal - Ultimaker virtually visits the L'Oréal headquarters in Clichy, France to discuss the three stages of adopting additive manufacturing: Prototyping, Plants, Production.

  • Danielle Glasbergen-Benning, Application Development Specialist, DSM Additive Manufacturing - Glasbergen-Benning explains the process for translating application needs into material solutions, with insights into recent cutting-edge projects made possible by their portfolio of materials available for open platform professional 3D printers.

  • Paul Heiden, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Merijn Neeleman, Portfolio Development Manager, and Rohit Jhamb, Director Global Research & Analytics, Ultimaker - three Ultimaker experts dive into the role of additive manufacturing in LEAN manufacturing, digital distributed manufacturing, the future of supply chain and how production processes are already changing for those adopting 3D printing in their product development and fulfillment pipelines.

Ultimaker launches podcast series to empower 3D printing adoption

Following the initial launch, Ultimaker will release one new "Talking Additive" episode on a bi-weekly basis. Listeners will have access to each episode on the Talking Additive website, as well as on various podcast platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.

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