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SES unveils first TV market reception survey results in the Philippines

SES unveils first TV market reception survey results in the Philippines

SES, the leader in global content connectivity solutions over satellite, has revealed the results of its first-ever TV market reception survey in the Philippines. Out of the 3,000 residential households interviewed across the Philippines, SES unveiled that households who subscribed to satellite TV ranked highest in terms of satisfaction with their TV service. A large majority of satellite TV households were very satisfied with their TV service (76%), in comparison with cable TV (70%), digital terrestrial (69%), analogue terrestrial (59%) and IPTV (54%) respectively.

Satellite TV (17%) is also the second-most popular mode of TV reception in the Philippines, behind terrestrial TV (66%) but ahead of cable TV (15%) and IPTV (2%), according to the SES Satellite Monitor report. The Philippines stands as one of the most dynamic and highly-penetrated TV markets in Asia Pacific with over 20.8 million TV households and 86.8% TV penetration rate. The research further highlighted the importance of image quality and viewing experience for Filipino households, with 99.6% of those surveyed indicating it as important or very important. Yet while 57% or 12 million households in the country already own HDTV screens, only about 13% of TV channels are broadcast in HD quality.

“Our satellites have been enabling the broadcast of high-quality content to satellite TV homes across the Philippines for years and we are deeply committed to serving customers and audiences in the country. We are glad that we have conducted this survey and gained insights into the TV reception market. We will be sharing them with our customers so they can make informed business decisions for the future,” said Yew Weng Soo, Vice President, Sales & Market Development, Asia-Pacific, at SES Video. “The survey unveils the vast growth potential of the broadcast industry and audience reception in the Philippines. Furthermore, as the country moves toward the 2023 target of a full Digital TV switchover, it is worth noting that satellite-enabled DTH TV offers the most unparalleled reach in the highest broadcast quality for broadcasters and audiences across the vast archipelagic nation.”

The SES annual market research, also known as the SES Satellite Monitor, offers a comprehensive and in-depth analysis into the TV market in each country it surveys and is designed to assess the development of TV reception modes, SES’s total reach in the market, as well as to serve as a benchmark for the TV and satellite industry. Started in Europe in 1994, 2019 marks the first time it has been conducted in the Asia Pacific region, with the Philippines and Indonesia being the initial two TV markets selected for the survey. SES now serves 98% (over 3.5 million) of all satellite TV households in the Philippines, and 39 million households across the Asia Pacific region.