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Quilty Analytics issues inaugural edition of Satcom Quarterly Briefing

Quilty Analytics issues inaugural edition of Satcom Quarterly Briefing

Quilty Analytics, the leading boutique firm for research, strategy, and investment banking advisory to the Satellite & Space industry, has issued the inaugural edition of its Satcom Quarterly Briefing to subscribers.

With COVID-19-induced disruptions continuing to create uncertainty across Satcom markets, many clients have requested summary perspectives on key industry events and trends that they can use as a practical resource for evaluating competitive actions and guiding strategy development. Main topics in Quilty’s inaugural Satcom Quarterly Briefing include:

  • Summary of Key Year-to-Date Events and Their Implications

  • COVID-19 – Financial Impact Scenarios for Most Affected Industry Sectors

  • Outlook and Opportunities for:

  • FSS Operators

  • Satcom Service Providers/Integrators

  • List of New GEO Comsats – Recently Launched and to be Launched

“Given the rapid pace of major events across the satellite and space industry, Quilty Analytics is pleased to publish this Satcom Quarterly Briefing – our first edition – that provides context and perspective on what these events mean for companies involved, for their investors, and for all of us,” said Chris Quilty, Partner of Quilty Analytics.

He continued, “We’ve selected topics of high interest to our subscribers in these highly dynamic times. While we cannot cover all that is happening in one edition, over the course of several quarters we expect our clients will find the briefings to be a useful, practical resource for identifying and assessing strategic and investment opportunities. We look forward to comments and suggestions from our growing subscriber base of industry executives and investors and will be incorporating their input in future briefings.”