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Sultanate of Oman leading operator, SCT to select SpaceBridge Inc. to supply multiple spot beams HTS

Sultanate of Oman leading operator, SCT to select SpaceBridge Inc. to supply multiple spot beams HTS, multi service broadband satellite network.

SpaceBridge Inc., a privately held Canadian corporation and manufacturer of High Throughput Satellite (HTS)/VHTS Broadband VSAT Satellite Network Platforms, Terminals and network solutions, has announced that it has been selected by Space Communication Technologies – “SCT” to supply an HTS Multiple Spot Beam (MSB) Broadband VSAT Network. The network to be supplied incorporates SpaceBridge’s unique ASAT System including its turnkey WaveSwitch, Point-to-MultiPoint Satellite Broadband Platform technology.

“SpaceBridge was selected following careful evaluation of a public tender and showed a high level of performance with the ability to provide its solution that addresses perfectly SCT’s challenges using advanced MSB platform to serve various types of customers” said Mr. Salim Al Alawi – SCT Executive Director and CEO.

The SpaceBridge ASAT Platform, sized to support SCT growth to thousands of Remote Terminals, will deliver services enabling enterprises, mobile network operators and homeland security entities to transmit real time applications data under the Arabsat Satellite coverage in the Sultanate of Oman and it’s economical water. Operating multiple high throughput DVB-S2X beams in the forward channel, coupled with SpaceBridge’s advanced QoS and Performance Enhancement Proxy (PEP), SCT will provide high speed and spectrally efficient bandwidth to their customers. On the returns, SCT benefits from dynamic MF-TDMA return channels delivering industry leading reaction time and bandwidth delivery based on customer demands. Additionally, WaveSwitch enables SCT to dynamically switch customers with higher bandwidth demands from MF-TDMA dynamic SCPC, providing SCT with benefits from high performance, improved spectral efficiency on the returns and increasing the overall satellite data throughput.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen by SCT for this vital network. SpaceBridge’s technology offers unique and innovative advanced performance in the market by implementing the latest industry standards allowing our customers to provide a quality telecommunication solution in a cost-effective manner.” said Mr. David Gelerman – President & CEO of SpaceBridge Inc.

“By introducing the latest Satellite Technologies to the Omani market; SCT is aiming to provide “All in One” platform which supports several verticals and satisfy the needs to the end user levels. In addition to introduce a cost-effective managed solutions among the Sultanate of Oman. SpaceBridge was the choice to serve the low-end user application all the way to the Mobile Backhauling and IP-Trunking”. said Mr. Mohammad Abu Hmaidan – General Manager Commercial of SCT

“The SpaceBridge’s system is fundamentally designed to be scalable and efficient for SCT as a long-standing and important partner to our business and we are happy to deploy the most effective HTS satellite network solution available in the marketplace to meet SCT current needs, we are confident in our ability to support SCT as the network grows in capacity and reach,” added Mr. Jamil Joseph, VP Sales – EMEA.