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WTA introduces the Technology Advisory Board

WTA introduces the Technology Advisory Board

The World Teleport Association (WTA) has announced the formation of its new Technology Advisory Board (TAB). TAB is made up of experienced tech executives from members of the association. Its goal is to help WTA members become smarter buyers of technology that has the potential to open markets, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Membership in the TAB is open to leading members of the association that develop, manufacture and market technology solutions. The program is kicking off with the following charter members:

  • Advantech Wireless Technologies

  • Comtech EF Data

  • Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

  • Net Insight

  • Skyline Communications

Throughout the year, TAB members will identify the key areas in which technology innovation is having or will have the greatest positive impact across data and media markets, then share information on these developments through WTA’s website and regular online programs. For a modest investment of time, WTA members will be able to keep on top of the technologies that their success increasingly depends on. “The pace of technology change has drastically accelerated in recent years,” said executive director Robert Bell. “As teleport operators face a rising set of challenges and opportunities in the market, they are turning to technology innovation as their path to growth and profitability. The Tech Advisory Board is WTA’s contribution to their success.”

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