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Profen has successfully completed the “EagleEYE Monitor and Control Management System” project for t

Profen has successfully completed the “EagleEYE Monitor and Control Management System” project for the SNRT main TV uplink station in Morocco

As a global company Profen has successfully completed the EagleEYE Monitor and Control Management System project for the SNRT main TV uplink station in Morocco with the support of its solution partner IntraTel. Despite obstacles caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, the project was carried out remotely by sole access to the site over IntraTel, including drive development for each product on site, GUI development, uploading the SW to the site, activation and testing.

The end user SNRT, the Moroccan Radio and Television Corporation, had installed and used a Satellite Uplink ground station for satellite national TV and broadcasts. However, the NMS system they built for the purpose of remotely monitoring and controlling the station, was not working consistently.

An EagleEYE-based solution was created and presented to overcome the current problems and meet the expectations of the end customer SNRT by working on the details of the project. Upon the project acceptance phase it was launched.

The project, which has the classic TV Uplink / Downlink structure, has a 1 + 1 redundant Uplink chain and a dual pol 1+1 redundant Downlink chain. The EagleEYE system in the server / client structure is located in the center. Each equipment is inquired periodically to control the status information and the collected information is recorded in the server database. By means of the installed system, continuous broadcasting and instant monitoring of all devices and subsystems are ensured, and if necessary, faulty devices are automatically replaced with devices waiting for backup and these updates are reported to the relevant divisions.

A user interface (GUI) was created for the project containing 17 active devices, taking into account the demands of the customers. New “drivers” have been developed to communicate with active devices.

Although the project started before COVID-19, the following project implementation phases took place during the outbreak where it was not possible to send technical staff to the application area due to the flight restrictions between countries. For this reason, the installation and tests were completed by remote access tools with the technical staff sent by Profen’s solution partner IntraTel in Morocco.

In addition, due to the obsolescence of some active devices used in the current system and limited manufacturer’s support, difficulties were encountered in accessing ICD documents of devices during the development of “device drivers”. Despite these difficulties, the project was successful by producing solutions quickly.

The biggest advantage was providing a new, easy-to-use NMS system that works steadily to the end-user SNRT. The structure of the EagleEYE system, which is open to expansion, will allow the user to do this with minimum cost in the future.