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Equatorial Space joins SSTL accelerator programme

Equatorial Space joins SSTL accelerator programme

Singapore’s answer to the global small launch vehicle movement, Equatorial Space Systems, joins Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL)’s Space-based Accelerator Programme.

The is set to provide regional space and deep tech startups with insights, skill sets and resources to become commercially viable, and leverages SSTL’s deep space industry network to assist startups with high-growth potential.

But for the Founder and CEO of Equatorial Space, Simon Gwozdz, this is more than business - it’s personal.

“I remember attending the presentation day of the Singapore Space Challenge back in 2015. I was looking for a way into the ecosystem and SSC looked like a good place to start. Some of the SSTL’s staff had a chat with me, and decided to give me a shot at volunteering at their events. That’s how I got the insights and contacts essential to starting Equatorial Space,” he says.

“It is heartening to see how SSTL’s suite of programmes synergistically spur and support interest in this exciting industry. The accelerator programme aims to take on the uphill task of encouraging practical adoption of space-related technologies and at the same time, grow a collaborative space tech ecosystem in the region. ” says Lynette Tan, Chief Executive of SSTL.

Equatorial Space Systems is a Singapore-based space tech startup developing innovative technologies for space launch and exploration activities. With its proprietary hybrid propulsion technology, ESS makes rockets safer, cheaper and more flexible than ever before.

Aiming for the first orbital launch by 2022, ESI has previously been crowned the winner of MBRSC Innovation Cup 2018 in Dubai, a Top 500 Deep Tech Startup by Hello Tomorrow 2018, as well as the Most Promising Startup at the NAMIC Innovation Day 2019.

The Singapore Space and Technology Ltd (SSTL), previously Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA), is a leading space organisation in Southeast Asia. As an advocate and thought leader, SSTL is active in the space industry, spearheading the adoption of space-related technologies, and fostering partnerships between various stakeholders to promote and grow the regional space ecosystem. Through hosting global meets that involve consumers, space research organisations, leading and emerging technology companies, venture capitalists and space agencies from around the world, it promotes and creates opportunities for accelerating innovation and talent development.

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