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Hisdesat and XTAR complete transaction for XTAR-EUR satellite

Hisdesat and XTAR complete transaction for XTAR-EUR satellite

Madrid (Spain) and Ashburn, VA (US) July 31, 2020- Hisdesat and XTAR today announced that they have completed a transaction whereby Hisdesat purchased the communications satellite, XTAR-EUR. XTAR-EUR is positioned at 29 degrees east longitude and provides commercial X-band coverage over a wide geographic region from eastern Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean, across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia to as far east as Singapore. Hisdesat’s purchase will streamline satellite services operations, allowing both organizations to focus on optimizing solutions for the Spanish Ministry of Defence, the US Department of Defense (DoD) and other government and European clients. XTAR will continue providing secure satellite communications capabilities and services to various departments and agencies of the US Government.

“This transaction further strengthens our long term collaboration with XTAR. It streamlines our satellite operations and allows XTAR to focus on its mission as our exclusive provider to the US Department of Defense and other US Government missions.” stated Hisdesat CEO Miguel Ángel Garcia Primo. “The primary goals of Hisdesat and XTAR are to maintain the high standards of service that they have been providing to all our clients.” In 2019, Hisdesat announced that it will construct two state-of-the-art SPAINSAT Next Generation satellites and provide service in X, Mil-Ka and UHF frequency bands.

“This strategic move for XTAR and Hisdesat accelerates the business operation we envisioned for the Next Generation satellites. It enables XTAR to focus on solutions for the US Government and military,” states Jay Icard, CEO of XTAR. “Commercial capacity in military frequency bands provides a key capability for US DoD missions. The threats have evolved and our ability to provide primary and resilient commercial solutions is an enduring need.”

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