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ManSat expands international outreach and supports Malta Communications Authority in implementing WR

ManSat expands international outreach and supports Malta Communications Authority in implementing WRC-19 decision

ManSat, the world’s largest commercial provider of satellite spectrum, has announced it has expanded its international footprint and has now supported ITU filing activities through 14 different jurisdictions around the world. Thanks to exclusive mandate from the Isle of Man and Icelandic governments, ManSat (and its subsidiary IceSat) is the industry’s only ‘one-stop spectrum shop’ providing transparency and cost efficiencies in preparing, coordinating and hosting ITU filings. In recognising the need for some companies to submit filings through their own administrations, ManSat has also developed a complete solution whereby any client in any jurisdiction can outsource any filing activity (from preparation of a filing to frequency coordination and notification).

Over the first half of 2020, ManSat successfully completed a project for the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) where new Broadcasting Satellite Service assignments were requested to the ITU in response to Resolution 559, approved at the last World Radio Conference.

ManSat supported the Malta Communications Authority to identify optimal frequencies and orbital slot position and subsequently assisted in the submission of the notification. The new frequencies and orbital slot were successfully filed with the ITU on 19th May 2020. Subject to the successful completion of the relevant procedures, Malta will benefit from a stronger position.

“The MCA has been a pleasure to work with,” says Alexis Martin, Chief Consulting Officer at ManSat. “They are very forward thinking and extremely pragmatic in their swift response to upgrade Malta’s rights to satellite broadcast spectrum following the decisions of WRC- 19. The MCA’s swift action allowed Malta to submit its request with a view to securing rights to the future use of better satellite resources.”

Jesmond Bugeja, Chief Executive Officer of the MCA, highlighted that “ManSat showed a high level of professionalism and their approach with us was very customer-centric. This, and ManSat’s technical expertise in the subject matter, contributed to the preparation of deliverables of a high quality, within the established milestones.”