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SRC’s Nicholas Borton named SOSA Consortium steering committee Vice Chair

SRC’s Nicholas Borton named SOSA Consortium steering committee Vice Chair

Nicholas Borton, lead firmware engineer at SRC, Inc., has been elected steering committee vice chair of the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Consortium.

As vice chair, Borton will assist in setting priorities and resolving conflicts within the consortium and will play a critical role in guiding the organization toward a successful initial release of the SOSA Technical Standard in 2021.

“We are excited and proud to see Nick take on this important role in the SOSA consortium,” said Kevin Hair, president and CEO of SRC. “Our commitment to open standards is stronger than ever, and Nick’s expertise and guidance will help the entire industry move toward a more open and flexible future in support of our warfighters.”

The SOSA™ Consortium is a member consortium of The Open Group, a vendor-neutral technology standards organization. The consortium is a government, industry, and academic alliance developing an open technical standard for sensors.

SRC is committed to developing systems and solutions that align with various open architecture frameworks to support DoD customers and industry teammates with flexible, interoperable solutions. As a member of the SOSA Consortium, SRC is helping to lead the industry in adopting the tri-service secretaries’ Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) mandate, working with other consortium members to share technical expertise and develop open architecture frameworks and standards.

Borton has worked at SRC for over 16 years and is currently conducting research in edge-machine-learning to maximize the use of size, weight, power, and cost, in addition to furthering open standards adoption at SRC. Borton earned his bachelor’s degrees in both computer engineering and electrical engineering from Clarkson University.

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