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Arabsat launches Tele Maroc -exclusively- on BADR-5/Maghreb

Arabsat launches Tele Maroc -exclusively- on BADR-5/Maghreb

Arabsat viewers in Maghreb can enjoy watching Tele Maroc - exclusively- on Arabsat BADR-5.

Tele Maroc is a leading Moroccan satellite TV channel cast from the spinach capital, Madrid, showing fine entertainment, talk shows, documentaries, and sports.

Rachid Niny, founder of Tele Maroc, said: “We are delighted at Tele Maroc to be available on Arabsat BADR-5 over Maghreb. We rely on the remarkable improved and growing Arabsat video neighborhood across North Africa and its powerful footprint over Maghreb to ensure significant reach to our massive audience.”

“In the course of developing our partnerships and cooperation ties across North Africa; particularly in Maghreb; we are thrilled to announce today another remarkable milestone in improving Arabsat video neighborhood over Maghreb.” says Khalid Balkheyour, President and CEO, Arabsat. “We have now accomplished the distribution of Tele Maroc -exclusively- on Arabsat BADR-5, of which will join other leading channels from Maghreb active on the Arabsat BADR-5. This brings Arabsat audiences across Maghreb the best picture quality with an exclusive portfolio of top-ranked satellite TV channels.”

How to receive Tele Maroc:

  • Satellite: Arabsat- BADR-5

  • Position Orbitale : 26° EAST

  • Coverage : North Africa/Maghreb

  • Frequency : 12303 MHz

  • Polarization : Horizontal

  • FEC :5/6

  • symbol rate: 27500

  • Signal: DVB-S, QPSK

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