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SpacePath Communications awarded digital satellite TV order

SpacePath Communications (‘SpacePath’) a dedicated, European-based, SATCOM amplifier manufacturer and equipment supplier, has won a major order for its small, lightweight travelling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA).

SpacePath Communications has signed an agreement with a leading African connectivity solutions provider to supply its innovative, outdoor TWTAs. The small form-factor, high-power amplifiers will be used to provide DTH broadcast and data services to remote regions via a new digital satellite TV network.

The STA5000 series uplink amplifiers incorporate a unique compressed carbon air-cooling structure that is half the weight of copper and which does not compromise thermal performance. Additionally, new end user features include removable/washable air-intake filters for cost-effective and simplified maintenance, quick-release connectors for ease-of-use and ethernet connectivity for convenient remote monitoring and control.

Newton Burnet, managing director and co-founder, SpacePath Communications, said: “Our new outdoor SATCOM amplifiers were selected due to their compact size and weight which are critical factors when mounted in antenna hubs. While engineered to consistently deliver reliable, high efficiency performance in any environment, the many innovations designed into our TWTAs are also intended to meet real-world broadcast needs that help streamline amplifier maintenance, drive down cost and simplify overall system operation.”

SpacePath’s high performance uplink amplifiers cover all mission-critical segments including satellite newsgathering (DSNG), flyaway or truck-based systems, fixed-earth stations and military satellite communications.

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