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Goodfellow launches new info resource with blog

Goodfellow launches new info resource with blog

Leading research materials supplier Goodfellow has launched a new information resource for the materials science industry with its new blog. With the aim of sharing knowledge and advice, which is a big part of what the company already does for customers and wider audiences alike, the blog will feature:

  • STEM insights

  • Information on the usage of Goodfellow materials

  • Wider industry innovations

The new resource will be a space to access quick-fire, useful information, answering questions about a wide range of topics. It will even house tools and techniques for educational purposes.

Goodfellow launches new info resource with blog

Joel Aleixo, Global Marketing Manager at Goodfellow, commented: “Our blog is for anyone interested in science and industry. So, whether you’re working in industrial R&D, using advanced materials in design projects, or you’re a student studying materials science, our content is tailored to you. “Since we’re covering such a wide range of topics, you can consider our blog as a snapshot of materials science. You might learn more about a material you’ve never worked with before, or you could learn a great way to teach the next generation of scientists.”

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