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Tapping into success: Promethean and True Digital Group deliver results with innovation in video mon

Tapping into success: Promethean and True Digital Group deliver results with innovation in video monetization

Promethean TV, a digital solution to drive ROI from live & VOD video, today announces details of its case studies with the True Digital Group. Promethean’s IGNITE VIDEO product has offered high-performing interactive overlays for English Premiership League Football matches, primetime broadcasts of Show Me The Money rap battle show and behind the scenes content for the upcoming Miss Universe Thailand 2020 pageant.

Interactivity is the next frontier for brands to acquire, engage and monetise customers for sports, music and events. True Digital Group signed up brand partners Samsung for a half-time Man-of-the-Match poll during the broadcast of West Ham United vs. Manchester United in July. This campaign achieved five times the industry average for traditional display advertising - and of the 2.5% that activated the poll, a phenomenal 68% then participated with the branded offer. As the new season begins, the Premier League has allowed the use of overlays during the match itself, with the expectation that the CTRs will be even higher during the action.

With a range of English Premiership League Football live broadcasts, fan content and game highlights for every fixture, True Digital Group also commissioned a Sports Stats overlay that allows their audience to “lean in” to the match from the comfort of their own home. With an immersive set of touchscreen statistics, viewers can feel every second, diving deeper into a player or team's performance across each game.

Reed Anderson, Chief Technology Officer at True Digital Group, commented: “We’re thrilled to be the only network in Thailand to show all the action from the English Premier League, but equally importantly, we’re delighted to be leading the way when it comes to showcasing the potential of these broadcasts - both for fan engagement and brand activation. Interactivity really is a passport for us to travel to exciting new places.”

True Digital Group has also been using Promethean TV’s IGNITE VIDEO overlays during the Show Me The Money rap battle show on primetime. The production team utilises an interactive voting overlay, where the audience chooses the best rap act of the night directly from their device - and an average of 1 in 5 viewers does just that, week in week out. Another activation revolves around giveaways of Loyalty Points with an integrated commerce overlay, which has also delivered a CTR of 19%. The engagement numbers aren’t just a one off - impressions have grown by 173% over the summer and unique visitors have more than tripled, but even as the show grows and new users flock to watch the latest round, fan engagement remains consistent due to the interactive and compelling offering.

A third successful example centres on the upcoming Miss Universe Thailand 2020 pageant. True Digital Group used an interactive overlay to give viewers the option to access and watch exclusive audition content. The campaign achieved an average clickthrough rate of 4.8% - ten times more than the industry average for traditional display advertising - allowing sponsors and advertisers to engage with customers ahead of the upcoming live show on the 7 October 2020.

“These case studies demonstrate what we already knew from the team’s time in eSports - that video offers the chance to create unrivalled calls to action. Real time content, coupled with well produced interactive elements really augment the viewing experience rather than fighting it. If we can tap into the audience's passion, it is second nature for a viewer to reach out. These case studies show that people are, both literally and metaphorically, voting with their clicks for something new” concludes Ian Sharpe, CEO of Promethean TV.

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