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AAC Clyde Space changes management structure to increase agility and underpin continued growth

AAC Clyde Space AB is updating its management structure to increase agility and underpin continued growth. The group is implementing a distributed management structure, with group level sales and strategic leadership in Group management, and geographical operations management for each country.

Group management will consist of CEO Luis Gomes, CFO Mats Thideman, Group VP of Business Development Peter Andersson and CTO Andrew Strain. Luis Gomes and Mats Thideman also comprise the Strategic Steering Group.

Under the new structure, John Charlick, will take the role of Director of Operations UK, leading design, manufacture and testing activities in Glasgow. Mattias Örth, will assume the role of Director of Operations Sweden, being responsible for the management of the Uppsala site. They will both report to the CEO. This structure closely mirrors the one that was already adopted for Hyperion, led by Bert Monna, and SpaceQuest led by Dino Lorenzini.

In the new management structure, Ross Lang becomes the Director of Finance UK reporting directly to CFO Mats Thideman.

"The past year has been a period of expansion for the AAC Clyde Space Group, with organic growth approaching 50% and the acquisition of two new companies. As we grow, we want to remain an agile and innovative company, which the new management structure supports", commented Luis Gomes, AAC Clyde Space CEO.