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Airbus gears up for Intersec 2023 with safety and security solutions for display and demonstration

Airbus is to participate in Intersec 2023, the leading trade fair for safety, security, and fire protection. With a host of international visitors set to attend in search of next-generation safety and security solutions, Airbus will showcase its latest communication and collaboration devices, applications, and services, backed by cutting-edge technologies and deployable across segments including public safety, transport, utility, industry, and defence.

“In today’s rapidly evolving digital transformation era, companies and industries alike require impactful innovations that harness technological capabilities to redefine safety and security practices and elevate operational capabilities to newfound heights. Yet beforehand, industry experts and leaders must become acquainted with the newest generations of specialised products that meet such criterion. This is why Intersec holds such influential gravitas across the region and around the world, and this is why Airbus is thrilled to be participating and demonstrating the value our exhibiting solutions can deliver amidst challenging, highly pressurized operating environments explains Selim Bouri, Vice-president for Airbus Secure Land Communications in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

“From security forces to emergency personnel, crisis response experts to public sector professionals, we are enthused at the prospect of once again engaging with representatives from different verticals, better understanding their specific requirements, and highlighting both the practicality and sustainability that accompanies our safety and security products”, Bouri adds.

Airbus will showcase several innovations from its exclusive stand at Intersec 2023, to be located within the Nedaa pavilion. Among them is the Tactilon Agnet collaboration platform, designed to ensure mission-critical personnel carry out their duties in a smarter and safer manner. Using IoT-driven wearable sensors compatible with Android and regular iOS smartphones and radios, Tactilon Agnet enables enhanced communication and collaboration through instant and secure end-to-end information sharing, providing real-time data and actionable insights to bolster productivity and potentially save lives with support from Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This solution is being showcased alongside innovations including ‘Tactilon Agnet Query’ and ‘Tactilon Agnet Voice Assistant’ (AVA), which support public safety specialists in managing essential tasks on-site and convey key information without the need for smartphone interaction. Meanwhile, TACTeam, designed for planning mission-critical operations will be also on display and scheduled for demonstration.

With Intersec 2023 fast approaching, Airbus has also been confirmed as an Intersec Awards 2023 finalist in the ‘Commercial and/or Perimeter Security Product/Service of the Year’ category. The company’s Tactilon Agnet 800 has been shortlisted following its proven success as a mission-critical collaboration platform, providing a seamless end-user experience as smartphone users connect in Tetra groups at the touch of a button. The event will take place from the 17th to the 19th of January, at Dubai World Trade Center.


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