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Avanti joins Paris Peace Forum's 'Net Zero Space' initiative

Avanti Communications, the leading provider of high throughput satellite capacity across EMEA, has announced it is joining the Paris Peace Forum's 'Net Zero Space' Initiative to help tackle the growing threat of space debris.

The Paris Peace Forum’s ‘Net Zero Space’ initiative was launched in 2021 with the support of several leading players in the space industry. The ambition of this international alliance is to create a sustainable outer space environment by 2030 through initiating immediate action to contain and mitigate the generation of in-orbit debris.

Taking this opportunity, Avanti reiterates its commitment to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. From providing vital connectivity to the most disadvantaged communities in the world and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to the role Avanti plays for a better environment, it is committed to make a difference both in the way the business operates and in the positive contribution it makes to society.

In line with the Net Zero Space Initiative, Avanti contributes to the sustainability of the space environment in concrete and tangible ways:

  • The satellite technology provider operates its fleet in the spirit of the Outer Space Treaty, complies with the ITU regulations governing radio spectrum and associated orbital resources, and fully applies the Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines of the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC).

  • It operates its spacecraft in a safe and responsible way to avoid proliferation of space debris. In particular, Avanti has developed and adopted a framework to mitigate the risks of satellite relocations and other non-routine operations – this has been peer-reviewed and published in an international operators’ conference proceedings to inspire others to operate safely.

  • Avanti also maintains trusted and fruitful relationships with industry-leading partners like the 18th Space Control Squadron (18 SPCS), the Space Data Association (SDA), the Space Surveillance and Tracking service of the European Union (EUSST), the UK Space Operations Centre (UKSpOC), and fellow operators to enable better coordination and to mitigate the risks of proximity operations.

  • Looking to the future, the business contributes to the development of new guidelines and best practices, both as a member of the Space Safety Coalition (SSC), and by participating to relevant working groups like those established by the European Space Agency (ESA), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the European Committee for Space Standardization (ECSS).

Vikas Grover, Chief Technology Officer at Avanti, commented, “We are honoured to work alongside the Paris Peace Forum on the crucial issue of preservation of the space environment. Avanti wholeheartedly supports the Net Zero Space Initiative and looks forward to working together with the Paris Peace Forum and other endorsees to raise awareness of, and action regarding, space safety and sustainability.”

Jérôme BARBIER, Head of Outer Space of the Policy Department of the Paris Peace Forum, says “Space debris have no nationality, nor rationality: protecting Earth’s orbital environment can only be a global effort, uniting forces from Governments and space agencies, the space industry and all actors interested in maintaining Humanity’s ability to benefit from, and access to outer space. We are today delighted to welcome Avanti in the Net Zero Space coalition and to advance together towards a more sustainable space industry.”


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