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Better Satellite World video “Cellular Ends at Forest Edge” shows how satellites fight wildfires

Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) today released Cellular Ends at Forest Edge, its newest Better Satellite World video. It tells the story of how brave men and women fight wildfires around the world every day with the help of satellite data delivered anywhere anytime. Cellular Ends at Forest Edge is made possible by funding from Kymeta Corporation.

Every year around the world, men and women walk into the fire to save forests, homes and people. Working sixteen hours a day for two or more weeks straight, wildfire fighters go without showers or regular meals, and they sleep on the ground. It's a dangerous job. An average of nineteen American wildfire fighters perish in the flames each year.

To save forests and homes and lives, including their own, firefighters turn to satellite technology. Weather data from space provides accurate forecasts of conditions on the ground. Satellite image data helps fire commanders see where fires are and makes it possible for artificial intelligence to predict their course. Kymeta Corporation produces a satellite terminal that mounts easily on the roofs of cars or at basecamp. With the push of a button, the Kymeta™ u8 terminal powers up and connects to a satellite without the need for specialized training. It provides a local WiFi signal that lets commanders and firefighters use the phones, tablets and laptops they are used to.

“Wildfires have become a global concern as our planet warms,” said Executive Director Robert Bell. “Read the headlines during fire season and you realize how connected we all are in the face of rising change. Contributing to our Better Satellite World campaign, Kymeta dramatizes how many of the solutions we need will come from space and satellite.”

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