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Cabinet Office commits to implementation of change in risk assessment and risk planning

In response to the House of Lords Risk Assessment and Risk Planning Committee’s report, ‘Preparing for Extreme Risks: Building a Resilient Society’, published in December 2021, the Cabinet Office has accepted, either in full or in principle, the majority of the committee’s recommendations. These covered a wide range of work areas across government, and represented a substantial commitment to implement change within the Government’s resilience policies.

In particular, the Cabinet Office has welcomed recommendations on improving the content and process of the National Security Risk Assessment.

Lord Arbuthnot, Chair of the Risk Assessment and Risk Planning Committee said: “The Government accepts, at least in principle, the vast majority of our report. Given the amount of other work that is going on in this important space, it is not surprising that some of the detail of the Government’s approach has yet to be hammered out, but I do think that our report has added texture to the discussion.

“I know that the many other organisations which focus on resilience, the value of taking a whole-of-society approach and the need for a reduction in the secrecy surrounding this subject will be keeping a close eye on how the Government develops its thinking, as shall we, the former members of the Special Committee. In the light of the tragedies of COVID-19 and Ukraine, there is a strong appetite in the country for being better prepared. We must not waste our chance.”


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