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Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announces new cybersecurity solution

Comtech Telecommunications Corp., a leading global provider of next-generation 911 emergency systems and secure wireless communications technologies, has announced that during its first quarter of fiscal year 2022, it launched a new cybersecurity brand, CyberStronger™.

CyberStronger provides cybersecurity solutions and services tailored to threat monitoring and assessment, training, and workforce development. Offerings include cyber threat detection and management, off-the-shelf and custom training, hands-on skills labs, and competency-based assessments mapped to cybersecurity job roles. The CyberStronger solutions will also include the CYBRScore® set of products that provide hands-on assessments and training to upskill and reskill cybersecurity workforces. These solutions were created by a team of former national intelligence community members who have the practical cybersecurity experience and abilities required to meet the demanding needs of Comtech’s customer base which includes large universities, government entities, and enterprise-level corporations.

“We are proud to offer CyberStronger as a Comtech solution to customers worldwide,” said Fred Kornberg, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. “The need for cybersecurity is ever-growing and we stand ready to meet the demands of organizations globally to protect themselves from the dangers of cybercrime.”

CYBRScore is a premium, performance-based cyber skills training and assessment provider that quantifies a user’s ability to defend a network. CYBRScore has over 400 hands-on labs available for practitioners to develop and enhance their skills in an independent fashion. Labs are available in a hosted on-demand environment so students can learn by doing wherever they are, whether in a classroom, workplace or at home.

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