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Comtech unveils world’s fastest 5 Gigabit-per-second Gateway modem

Comtech has unveiled its new advanced, high-speed CDM-780 Gateway modem, capable of managing unprecedented amounts of data delivered over new ultra-powerful and complex wideband GEO, MEO and LEO satellites and constellations to provide high-speed trunking services to gateways and support massive VSAT networks of hundreds-of-thousands of sites.

The CDM-780 Gateway Modem, with five times the bi-directional speed of the nearest offering, further extends Comtech’s successful portfolio of advanced high-speed trunking and broadcast modems with a level of flexibility capable of delivering 2.5Gbps simplex and 5Gbps duplex data rates over a single solution.

The modular CDM-780 modem can be equipped with up to three modulators, three demodulators, or a combination of both to enable high-speed trunking or hitless satellite handover capabilities. Each modulator and demodulator is capable of supporting users at 500Msps and 2.5Gbps data rates.

“The CDM-780 Gateway modem is the world’s fastest, most reliable and scalable modem, set for commercial rollout by summer to support new advanced satellites and constellations beginning to initiate service in multiple orbits,” said Louis Dubin, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Comtech Satellite Network Technologies. “This state-of-the-art platform offers global connectivity and the unparalleled reliability and resiliency content providers must have to meet mission-critical network demands around the world.”

Comtech’s new modem features a broad range of built-in redundancy features – from dual data management interfaces and power supplies – that allow the modem to run simultaneously on two different grid sources to keep the gateway link and its customers always on and operational.

When used as the DVB-S2X outbound for Comtech’s new Next-Gen ELEVATE VSAT platform, leveraging superior speed and statistical multiplexing, the CDM-780 modem can support five times the remote sites over a single outbound carrier compared to other platforms. It’s a key differentiator that will allow providers to serve both data hungry and light applications using less overall satellite bandwidth.

The CDM-780 Gateway modem was designed to be the most efficient, highest throughput trunking and feeder link modem across the market. The advanced platform delivers space segment efficiencies that reduce both capital and operating costs.


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