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constellr wins multi-million euro contract to support European water and food security.

constelIr has been awarded a multi-million, multi-year commercial data contract by the European Commission (EC) and European Space Agency (ESA) to provide thermal infrared imaging services from space to thousands of institutional customers across Europe. constellr's first commercial satellite, co-funded by ESA and German Aerospace Center (DLR) via the InCubed program, contributes directly to servicing this contract.

Through this contract, constellr joins the Copernicus Programme, the largest satellite earth observation programme in the world. Managed by the European Space Agency (ESA) on behalf of the European Commission, the latest Contributing Mission, focused on emerging data suppliers, calls for sensors which monitor land and ocean temperature. The aim is to provide both systematic and on-demand high resolution thermal infrared (TIR) data for use by the six Copernicus services, primarily Emergency, Land, Security and Marine. As well as servicing these primary users, the contract allows a huge spectrum of scientific and public organisations across Europe to benefit from constellr’s high precision data, setting a de-facto thermal infrared standard.

Addressing the gap in current earth observation solutions for thermal infrared monitoring for water and food security, constellr’s HiVE (High-precision Versatile Ecosphere) monitoring mission is the only current technology able to address the needs of applications in sustainable agriculture, delivering global land surface temperature and emissivity data with unprecedented accuracy, parcel-level resolution and high frequency, whilst at a highly competitive cost.

constellr opens its Early Access Program for key customers

constellr is already serving many customers in the food- forestry- financial and agricultural industries today. The now opened Early Access Program (EAP) offers customers the unique chance to reserve access to constellr’s high accuracy, satellite-derived global land surface temperature, water, and carbon data from 2024 onwards. The program is already giving global agricultural companies the security that they will be among the first to access this superior data service, guaranteed at attractive rates.

“We’re thrilled to become a Contributing Mission, opening the door as it does to service critical agricultural and other use cases across the entire European institutional landscape. Providing insights to government and key research institutes, the EC as an anchor customer serves as a huge multiplier for us, delivering a feedback loop on the performance of our data and helping us define novel areas of application to address climate security.” Dr. Max Gulde, CEO, constellr.


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