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Draganfly commences training for Texas EMS drone delivery services

Draganfly Inc., an award-winning, industry-leading drone solution, and systems developer, is pleased to announce EMS pilot training is underway in Spring Branch, Texas to develop pilot skills for the Company’s EMS drone delivery services.

Draganfly is currently in Phase 1 as part of its ColdChain Delivery Systems contract training EMS drone delivery support personnel, which when rolled out will see operators assisting first responders including firefighters, search and rescue and medical personnel, transporting critical equipment, medical supplies and critical data to active emergency and disaster relief operations. This training builds in the skill sets needed for operators to be able to navigate the challenges these engagements bring.

Pilots will gain hands-on experience of piloting drones in a variety of different scenarios, and learn the techniques required to meet the high standards set by the company and expected by clients. The intake is made up of professional drone operators, including former US Air Force (USAF) personnel who have previous experience with the likes of the MQ-9 Reaper RPA.

The company has a strong history of supporting EMS services globally, predominantly in the area of search and rescue, but with advances in our engineering capabilities we can now actively support those on the ground during live deployment.

The pilot programme, which is being run by a team of seasoned UAV professional pilots, has a strong focus on the delivery capabilities of the Draganfly fleet, and during the coaching period operators will familiarise themselves with the equipment, operations and safety protocols.

Commenting ahead of the training programme, Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell said: “At Draganfly, we pride ourselves in providing world class leading services, and having the best pilots has played a major part in that. The demands on UAV technology are evolving constantly, and we have to make sure operators are trained to meet new applications for the hardware. We have former USAF staff among these operators which highlights the calibre of pilot Draganfly, and this program attracts.”

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