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Empowering active fighters: SpaceBridge revolutionizes realtime satellite communications

Empowering active fighters: SpaceBridge revolutionizes realtime satellite communications

SpaceBridge has been providing robust secure battlefield communications over satellite for over 20 years. Our DVB-RCS2 solutions are widely deployed with military and para-military customers around the world providing essential communications in support of land and sea forces. Over the years, SpaceBridge has developed customized solutions and delivered hundreds of Comms on the Pause (CoTP), naval Comms on the Move (CoTM), and fixed manual or auto-deploy manpack solutions matched to support different customer requirements around the world.

“In the realm of military communication, SpaceBridge recognizes that downtime may endanger lives and equipment. We therefore collaborate closely with our customers to engineer exceptionally robust and secure communications which can be deployed when and where they need it.” says David Gelerman, President and CEO at SpaceBridge.

Customers have come to depend on SpaceBridge’s ASAT™ system over satellite for robust and jam resistant communications. SpaceBridge encrypts user traffic using AES-256 encryption to secure the user data while spreading traffic across multiple carriers, further masquerading the source and relevancy of the traffic seen by potential snoopers. To further assist in masquerading or locating sites, Wall of Data mechanism is used which utilizes all return link carriers to 100%. If not by active deployed remotes, then by dummy packets transmitted by remotes deployed to masquerade deployed remotes.

SpaceBridge has prepared a tactical deployable HUB which can be licensed to support customer deployment requirements. These HUBs can be deployed in standalone mode, in redundant mode, and also in GEO redundant mode. Many customers opt for GEO redundancy which allows for a static hub to be rapidly replaced by a second or third passive/active or even a mobile HUB.

SpaceBridge HUBs maintain a secure comms between each other (via terrestrial or over satellite itself) allowing for HUBs to maintain the same databases and burst time plans. This means any HUB is ready to take over within a short period of time, minimizing critical downtime. Additionally, SpaceBridge HUBs constantly track return traffic metrics to auto-determine distance of the remote to the satellite and the HUB and modifies burst plan timing to optimize the return characteristics of the remotes. This is done without sending actual site location information allowing for the links remain optimized while preserving remote location anonymity anywhere under the satellite beam coverage.

Dedicated teams of SpaceBridge engineers and technicians work to match our DVB-RCS2 ASAT™ HUB and Spoke VSAT technology with our SpaceBridge fixed/mobility antenna and RF pairings, or third-party equipment, to deliver solutions matched to customer requirements. We have provided virtual full turnkey deliverable solutions (i.e. ready for simple mounting on vehicles) or full turnkey with teams of SpaceBridge personnel active in deploying and mounting equipment in the field. SpaceBridge supports fixed, manpack or CoTP solutions available in all 3 satellite bands (X, Ku and Ka). SpaceBridge has the technology, the products and the personnel to provide tactical and robust data communications to fulfill customer needs.

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