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Exotrail launches ExoOPSTM, a satellite mission software suite within the French Space Agency (CNES)

In the frame of a software licensing contract signed this summer, CNES mission design analysis and system engineering teams are now using ExoOPSTM – Mission Design advanced functionalities developed by Exotrail in its ExoOPSTM software suite.

Available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), ExoOPSTM - Mission Design relies on an orbital mechanics environment designed and developed by Exotrail software & space mechanics team based in Toulouse (France). Through user-friendly interfaces, ExoOPSTM - Mission Design provides CNES teams, in addition to others existing tools, with a quick processing and easy-to-use software able to run complex mission design analysis such as multiple scenario constellation deployment, simulation and optimization of low-thrust maneuvers, propulsive system benchmarking analysis up to spacecraft sub-system performance analysis.

Connected to IDM-CIC, an orbital platform definition and design software tool used by CNES in phase A/0 project, ExoOPSTM - Mission Design allows to run low-thrust analysis for spacecraft mission carrying electric propulsion system through smooth and easy data exchanges.

On this occasion, David HENRI, Exotrail’s Chairman & CEO comments: « We greatly thank CNES to become one of the key users of ExoOPSTM – Mission Design. We are delighted of the feedback we are getting from very experienced team and which will fully benefit to our product roadmap. Our main objective is clearly to position ExoOPSTM software suite as a leading orbital mechanics tool onto the market supporting deployment of complex mission from very early design phase to in-orbit operation of very valuable assets.