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First data collected by Ymir-1 satellite payload

First data collected by Ymir-1 satellite payload

The satellite Ymir-1 has successfully completed two tests with its VDES payload collecting high quality AIS signals from more than 6,000 vessels. This is an important step for the AOS project and the Ymir-1 satellite becoming operational.

The tests comprised two 20-minute passages at an altitude of 650 km from, Greenland to the equator during which the system collected 15,100 AIS messages from 6,100 vessels using the satellite's Saab VDES payload. The successful tests bring the satellite one step closer to becoming fully operational.

"These results mark a key milestone in our mission to deliver a leap forward in resilient maritime communications through VDES technology, a significant advantage over today's AIS system. We are now ready to start comprehensive VDES testing before declaring the satellite fully operational", says AAC Clyde Space CEO Luis Gomes.

Ymir-1 is part of the collaborative AOS project between AAC Clyde Space, Saab, and ORBCOMM. The project is developing a next-generation space-based VDES (VHF Data Exchange) system, designed to provide vessels with a more efficient and reliable means of data exchange and communication while at sea, enabling vessels to exchange data in real-time on a global scale.

In the project, AAC Clyde Space has provided an EPIC LINK CubeSat which hosts Saab's advanced R6 VDES PAYLOAD transponder for two-way communication between satellite and ground. ORBCOMM will integrate data into its distribution center for the maritime navigation and communications service deployment.


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