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G-Core Labs integrates CDN with HESP protocol for low latency streaming, up to two second delay

G-Core Labs, the international cloud and edge solution provider, has joined the HESP Alliance and integrated the HESP protocol into its content delivery network. From now on, the company allows its clients to save money while broadcasting live video content to millions of users all over the world, with delays not exceeding two seconds.

HESP (high efficiency stream protocol) is a new adaptive video streaming protocol. As opposed to its analogs — WebRTC, RTMP, HLS and MPEG-DASH — HESP is a cost-effective protocol that allows businesses to deliver video content to a wide audience with minimal latency. This becomes possible because HESP is a highly scalable technology that can be integrated with the G-Core Labs content delivery network. The latter includes more than 120 points of presence in 100 cities around the world.

“With media industry being a highly competitive environment, minimizing latency is your gateway to the future,” believes Alex Peterson, head of G-Core Labs streaming platform. “We are happy to join the HESP Alliance. We will explore cutting-edge technologies together and provide our clients with a modern solution for professional streaming and broadcasting. We are sure that the HESP protocol will complement our CDN very well. Our CDN has already demonstrated the highest performance values in Europe, North America, Latin America, and in the CIS countries".

Alex Peterson, Head of G-Core Labs Streaming platform

The new technology is especially attractive for businesses that need low-latency streaming and are eager to reduce their costs to a minimum. For example, CDN supporting the HESP protocol allows cybersports organizations to deliver video content to the end users faster than the HLS or MPEG-DASH protocols. It allows MedTech and e-learning projects to hold broadcasts with students and patients without using any expensive external solutions and enables sports media to broadcast the events almost in real time.

The opportunities provided by the new protocol can also turn out to be useful in those industries where it is important to broadcast high-quality video. This refers, for example, to betting businesses, auction organizers and online casinos. Besides, the new solution allows you to combine IPTV and OTT solutions to create full-featured broadcasts of the highest quality. It allows the clients to broadcast video content to millions of viewers with minimal delays at a minimal cost.

The G-Core Labs content delivery network allows using the HESP protocol for video streaming. This CDN is represented on five continents and includes over 120 points of presence located in reliable Tier III and Tier IV data centers in 100+ cities. Such infrastructure allows the provider's clients to quickly deliver heavy video content to almost anywhere in the world. The effectiveness of this solution has been tested by millions of users simultaneously, which resulted in G-Core Labs' CDN being listed on the Guinness World Records.


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