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Gilat expands 4G network with Tier-1 mobile operator in North America

Gilat Satellite Networks has announced the expansion of the 4G network of a Tier-1 mobile network operator (MNO) in North America for disaster recovery and ongoing operational business needs.

The satellite-based solutions for disaster recovery are widely needed to mitigate the breakdown of terrestrial infrastructure and restore 4G connectivity. The Tier-1 MNO successfully deployed these solutions during the recent weather and climate disastrous events including hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and floods. In addition, Gilat provides solutions for managed satellite capacity and deployment services.

“With the increased natural disasters worldwide, Gilat developed multiple solutions for disaster recovery that provide communication for emergency response at times when it is needed most,” said Michal Aharonov, Chief Commercial Officer at Gilat. “Gilat is proud to support Mobile Network Operators in the US and worldwide in their mission to deal with critical situations when they happen, as well as to provide them with an assortment of additional services.”


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