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GTMaritime Guide sets out future of maritime communications

GTMaritime, a leading provider of secure data communications software to the maritime industry, has released a new publication which offers a guide to the background, current state and future development of satellite connectivity and communications at sea.

Available to download free of charge, the Maritime Communications – A look over the horizon guide is split into three sections, covering Basics of Marine Communications, The Connected Ship and Special Services. It examines the different types of satellite systems and network configurations, regulatory requirements, commercial communications and crew connectivity, and highlights key considerations for future communications planning.

Mike McNally, Global Commercial Director at GTMaritime, said: “The GTMaritime guide to maritime communications provides ship owners and operators with comprehensive insights into the full spectrum of connectivity and communications considerations at sea. As the maritime industry continues to become increasingly connected, it is important to have a thorough understanding of satellite communications and the opportunities greater connectivity can bring to a range of operations at sea.”

The guide offers perceptive commentary on the impact greater connectivity will have on the maritime sector, considering issues such as cybersecurity, performance monitoring and remote operations. It also looks at the role communications systems can play in online training for crew on-board and the advantages enhanced connectivity can have in areas such as telemedicine.

Mike McNally, Global Commercial Director, GTMaritime

“Already we are seeing huge increases in the amount of data being transmitted between ship and shore,” adds McNally. “As technology continues to expand into new areas of ship systems, there is a need for greater connectivity and satellite bandwidth to ensure communications systems can cope with the volume of data being transmitted. A comprehensive understanding of ship to shore connectivity today and tomorrow is fundamental to planning for the future needs of our industry, and essential for meeting its aims on ship efficiency, safety and compliance.”


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