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HISPASAT is reaffirming its support for inclusive basketball

HISPASAT, the Spanish telecommunications satellite operator of the Red Electrica Group, has renewed its support for inclusive basketball for the sixth consecutive year through its sponsorship of ESTUAMEB, the wheelchair basketball school promoted by the Fundación Estudiantes and the Asociación Madrileña de Espina Bífida (AMEB - Spina Bifida Association of Madrid). This agreement includes organising the summer wheelchair basketball camp which starts tomorrow in Madrid.

The three organisations are once again solidifying this initiative, which has focused on sporting performance, innovation, and the search for new challenges for the school’s members since the very foundation of the school. The main goals of ESTUAMEB are to reinforce healthy habits, practise sport, and create a strong social bond among the people on the team.

HISPASAT fully shares the values of the ESTUAMEB School as well as its training project to help integrate people with disabilities. As such, the company is once again encouraging its players to reach their sporting goals and to fully develop their skills. This initiative forms part of HISPASAT's Sustainability Policy and its commitment to personal and community development, in particular by promoting sport, healthy habits, and social inclusion for people with disabilities.

Top tier trainers in the Summer Camp

Each new summer camp season has boasted top notch trainers and players. This year two prestigious trainers have signed up for the camp: Adrián Yáñez, 2020/21 League Champion, and, for the second year in a row, Javier López, a former Spanish international and the current assistant trainer of the Spanish National Wheelchair Basketball Team that will compete in the Tokyo Olympics. This high level of commitment is what spurs the Camp’s participants to come back year after year and attend the two different sessions each year.

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