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Industry leaders Satellogic and SkyWatch partner to increase access to timely Earth Observation data

Satellogic and SkyWatch announced at World Satellite Business Week, their partnership to bring the highest resolution commercially available EO data to EarthCache customers.

Satellogic’s EO data is now available via SkyWatch’s EarthCache platform. EarthCache provides an intuitive interface and robust API that enables customers to browse archive data, as well as task new satellite imagery by using a variety of criteria.

“We are thrilled to announce that EO data from Satellogic is now available to the thousands of organizations that depend on SkyWatch for their remote sensing needs,” said James Slifierz, SkyWatch’s CEO and co-founder. “Satellogic's constellation is unparalleled, offering our customers industry-leading capacity for high-quality, high-resolution imagery. We are also delighted to collaborate with an organization that echoes our values for the Earth observation industry: data that is easily discoverable, widely available, and affordably priced.”

SkyWatch's core mission is to make remote sensing data accessible, affordable, and standardized. Its TerraStream infrastructure powers integrated services for EO satellite operators, including the EarthCache portfolio, to accelerate the distribution and monetization of satellite data by making it accessible and discoverable.

“In alignment with our mission to increase access and use of EO data, SkyWatch is committed to simplifying access and offering transparent pricing. This partnership was a natural fit for both companies; Satellogic increases access to its EO data while SkyWatch increases options and opportunities for its EarthCache platform customers,” commented Caitlin Kontgis, Senior Vice President of Commercial and Growth at Satellogic.

Satellogic is working toward the goal of delivering daily global remaps. The company designs, manufactures, and operates its own constellation of high-resolution EO satellites. It believes in the power of EO data to enhance decision-making at every level, fostering a greater understanding of our changing planet as well as opportunities for a more sustainable future.

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