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Integrasys and VideoFlow join the Satcoms Innovation Group

The Satcoms Innovation Group is welcoming two new associate members, Integrasys and VideoFlow. The newcomers join a large group dedicated to promoting innovation within the satellite communication industry, with the aim of improving operational efficiency and reducing impact.

Integrasys specializes in engineering and manufacturing satellite spectrum monitoring systems for the telecommunication and broadcast markets since 1990. The company offers a range of signal monitoring products as well as VSAT deployment and maintenance and link budget solutions to enable efficient and error-free satellite networks. Integrasys was recently awarded a 1.5million Euro project for interference cancellation and removal technology by the European Space Agency.

Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys, commented: “The Satcoms Innovation Group provides us with a unique platform to understand the challenges faced by our customers so that we can continue to develop innovative solutions to resolve those.”

VideoFlow is driving the evolution of digital video contribution and distribution to IP networks. VideoFlow products and solutions enable professional broadcast companies including TV stations, TV station groups, teleports, and cable operators to broadcast live with confidence over any IP network, including over the internet. The VideoFlow Hybrid Sat/IP ecosystem pairs satellite with IP to increase satellite service reliability and operational efficiency.

Adi Rozenberg, Co-founder, VideoFlow, added: “We are looking forward to working together with the satellite community to enable satellite to adapt and stay relevant in the next generation environment.”

The Satcoms Innovation Group promotes innovation within the satellite communications industry, with the aim of improving operational efficiency and reducing impact. As a group made up of technical experts that understand the challenges in operational environments, it is uniquely positioned to drive technical evolution within the industry.

Helen Weedon, Managing Director, the Satcoms Innovation Group, said: “We are happy to be welcoming both Integrasys and VideoFlow to the group – both companies provide innovative solutions that will enable the satellite industry to stay innovative and competitive. The global pandemic has caused havoc inside and out of the industry, but by working together and collaborating amidst these difficult times, satellite communications can continue to thrive.”