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International space company creates ‘space’ at Hampshire Innovation Centre

Base Bordon Innovation Centre has recently said goodbye to In-Space Missions who have called the Hampshire based centre home for the last three years.

BASE Bordon Innovation Centre

In-Space came to Base Bordon in 2017 with just two team members and a plan to create an independent end-to-end service allowing their clients access to flexible and cost effective in-orbit technology.

Tony Holt, Director and CTO at In-Space Missions, said “Setting up our business in the Hampshire suburbs gave us the perfect place to call home and grow our client base. Being outside London meant shorter commute times and the space to give us a great work/life balance.

“Base Bordon Innovation Centre has the real wow factor so we could bring big clients in for meetings which meant we could compete in our growing market. Being two space experts gave us the tools we needed to create satellites but the team at Base Bordon supported us with all our business needs. We are now a team of 25 and have to move to a larger location. We are forever grateful for this facility which supported our business idea and helped us grow.”

Centre Manager, Duncan Gill, said: “Our facility is not just about meeting rooms and office space. We are creating an environment where businesses of all types can find a place to thrive. In-Space has been a great example of this. We worked together to help them expand from a small office to our largest space - and even constructed an on-site lab to build satellites!

“Each business at Base Bordon has access to our Innovation Director, Elaine Kearney. Innovation Directors are in post to support tenant companies to thrive and grow. Our ethos is to work with companies that need support to allow them to focus on their specialism while we help them with running a business.”

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