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ITS Electronics and TTI announce strategic partnership

ITS Electronics a global provider of Satellite Communications equipment for earth stations, mobile, naval and aeronautical applications and TTI Norte, a leading provider of satellite communications equipment for earth stations and Space applications announced today a strategic partnership agreement. The agreement enables ITS Electronics and TTI Norte to access and sell each company’s RF products/services, jointly develop products and provide after sales support for products in EMEA and North America

The pairing of these two leading companies in the satellite industry will allow customers greater access to the best Satcom technology from both sides of the Atlantic. Customers in EMEA and North America will now be able to acquire ITS Electronics products covering all Satcom frequencies from L through Ka and millimeter frequencies including, V and Q frequency bands including: Block up converter (BUC), block down converter (BDC), transceivers, GaN based solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) and TTI high-power GaN amplifiers SSPA/BUC, low noise amplifiers (LNA/LNB) and custom RF systems and space technology products from either company. The companies will also jointly Research and Develop new products and services required by the market.

In addition, customers will now be able to have product servicing done in locations in Europe and North America. Under this agreement, TTI will act as the EMEA Service Center for ITS Electronics products sold into the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. TTI has three locations in Spain: Madrid, Seville and the headquarters location in Santander. ITS Electronics’ EMEA Customers who have products requiring repair would contact TTI for servicing. Under a reciprocal agreement, ITS Electronics will act as the Americas Service Center for TTI products sold into the North America and Latin America. ITS Electronics headquarters and factory is located in Vaughan Ontario, a suburb of Toronto Canada. TTI customers who have products requiring repair would contact ITS Electronics Service Department.

“ITS Electronics is very excited to expand our product line, capabilities and service offerings to our customers,” said Francis Lindayen, President and Chief Executive Officer of ITS Electronics. “This agreement allows our current and future customers a one stop shop for key technologies needed in mobile, ground based, aeronautical and space based satcom applications.”

“TTI has always been a leader in technology for ground and space based applications and this partnership allows our current EMEA customers access to technology from a world leader in Satcom technology while providing a new customer base for our products and services” said Juan Becerro, Director General of TTI.


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