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Kacific introduces Asia Pacific’s first HTS Ka-band enterprise backup service

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group has responded to a growing interest in connectivity protection by launching Enterprise Backup, a service that protects organisations against outages that happen all-too-frequently.

It is the first enterprise backup service in the Asia Pacific region designed to take advantage of the speed, efficiency and flexibility of Ka-band satellite connectivity.

“Fibre and communication cable cuts happen more often than most people imagine and are caused by construction accidents, natural disasters, weather, animals, or vandalism,” says Kacific’s Marketing Director, Beatrice Mok. “When they occur, they turn regions and entire nations dark, affecting millions of people annually. And they represent significant unplanned costs for both governments and private sector organisations.”

Kacific Enterprise Backup provides a very affordable on-demand, hot-backup package that allows organisations, factories, and enterprise branches who rely heavily on real-time business operations to continue with normal activities if their primary internet access is compromised.

The service includes installation of a satellite dish at each site, and a choice of low-cost per-month, per-site backup plans depending on the organisation’s size and needs. Working like an insurance premium, a minimal fee is paid for the site to act as a backup. In the case of an outage, high-speed first priority bandwidth can be instantly activated and a fixed fee will be charged.

Advantages of Ka-band for enterprise backup

The principle behind Kacific’s Enterprise Backup is that the continuation of service connectivity should be as seamless as possible. For this, the HTS Ka-band system that Kacific uses has several advantages over traditional Ku-band satellite services.

Higher capacity

Reuse of Ka-band spectrum over spot beams creates higher capacity than traditional, wide coverage area satellites.

Faster speeds

The combination of a high data transfer rate and small diameter antenna allows Kacific to offer upload speeds up to 20 Mbps, which helps enterprises keep their backup safe and secure, even during fibre cuts, especially for companies who have their data backed up solutions on the cloud.

The solution also offers download speeds up to 70Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, matching most of the terrestrial connections and significantly exceeding the traditional satellites.

High link availability

Using a diversity site for uplink, Kacific Ka-band infrastructure is able to achieve up to 99.93% availability, comparable to C-band infrastructure.

Simple installation

Kacific-1 signal has circular polarisation, hence there is no need to adjust the polarisation like with many other satellite systems. This greatly simplifies the installation process and enhances the stability of the system over long periods of time.

Enterprise Backup is now commercially available to ISPs, telecom operators, businesses and governments in countries Kacific serves throughout Asia and the Pacific.


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