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Leading wildfire monitoring provider OroraTech partners with Spire to launch first satellite in 2021

OroraTech, a leading provider of satellite–based global wildfire monitoring and Spire, a leading provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, have today announced a partnership to launch OroraTech’s first payload on a Spire 6U nanosatellite. The satellite planned for launch in December 2021 will carry OroraTech’s unique and proprietary thermal-infrared camera and data processing unit designed to detect fires and transmit the data using Spire’s satellite and ground network. The technology will help identify and monitor the areas at risk of wildfires and enable early detection of wildfire hotspots.

OroraTech has developed a global wildfire intelligence service that processes data from satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary orbit (GEO) to detect wildfires and monitor their spread. The application offers topographical map layers, weather overlays, vegetation data and fire risk assessments, serving those in the forestry sector, emergency responders and insurance companies.

Spire’s nanosatellite platform enables rapid demonstration of new technology with accelerated development cycles, and the provision of high-value data services at cost-effective rates. The Space-as-a-Service offering is an end-to-end service designed to rapidly bring new customer sensors to the vantage point of space within a few months of contract signature. From satellite platform provision, to launch, in-orbit operations, ground and cloud infrastructure, it is an easy-to-use service that allows customers such as OroraTech to focus on their applications and their end users.

The launch of this payload marks the first step towards the development of OroraTech’s nanosatellite constellation. The ramp up from one satellite to a full constellation is designed to significantly increase temporal and spatial data resolution, expand geographical coverage and fill in the data gaps of existing satellite sources.

“We are very happy to work with Spire as they are helping us to speed up time to market solving the crucial wildfire problem and offering high-resolution thermal infrared data for many other use-cases.” said Thomas Grübler, OroraTech Co-founder & CEO.

“At Spire, we understand how to collect data from space and generate high value analytics products for our customers. We are proud to host OroraTech’s payload aboard one of our nanosatellites and to see them grow beyond this first demonstration of its cutting-edge technology. OroraTech has a unique and impactful vision and mission, building technology that will help address one of the most crucial challenges to our environment, and we are proud to support them in their journey.“ said Theresa Condor, EVP & GM Spire Space Services, Spire Global.

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