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ND SATCOM in the air: Powering rotary aircraft communication

For the first time, ND SATCOM is presenting its new helicopter solution - Airborne SatCom - at the trade shows AFCEA, CABSAT, and CommunicAsia this month. This thrust into the rotary sphere reflects ND SATCOM's expansion into airborne satellite communication and the longstanding R&D commitment to providing secure advanced technology and superior performance and reliability to its customers.

SKYWAN The New Dimension in Airborne SatCom

The Airborne SatCom system resolves the engineering challenge of rotor blade impedance on satcom signals. With its three-part solution of a Ka- and Ku-band antenna, antenna control unit (ACU) and SKYWAN modem, Airborne SatCom provides an ITAR-free aerial solution with a point-to-point configuration from helicopter to ground and broadband transmission (e.g. videos, data, voice). SKYWAN modems use a robust TDMA burst waveform to transmit and receive through the rotor. This optimised new waveform provides the advantages of flexible antenna placement and automatic adaptation to specific helicopter model and rotor speed.

"Strategically, we saw enormous market potential in aerial satcom given our in-house capabilities and key partnerships, and we committed the resources to make it happen. We're proud of the innovation behind Airborne SatCom and the comprehensive communication systems we're able to provide customers for their critical missions," stated Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM.

These trade shows will finally provide the in-person interaction that drives existing and new business relationships. Current customers will be excited to explore this latest addition to ND SATCOM's product portfolio and discuss technical aspects with ND SATCOM experts. Potential clients will be fascinated by this opportunity to learn about Airborne SatCom from a highly reputable company that has consistently delivered on its brand promise.


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