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New Better Satellite World Video, “Nature’s Internet,” shows how satellite protects the planet

Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) has released Nature’s Internet, its newest Better Satellite World video. It tells the story of how satellite data helps protect the natural world from human impact and people from the many dangers of the natural world. Nature’s Internet is made possible by funding from Iridium Communications, Inc.

The video explains that the beauty of nature can quickly turn dangerous, and the way we live on planet Earth keeps raising the risks. Our planet is vulnerable in ways we never imagined a few decades ago, and satellite has answers.

In the fight to protect endangered species, animal tracking collars send signals into space that help us fight poaching and learn more about the unique needs of each species. Out to sea, autonomous vessels gather weather data, identify illegal fishing and watch for signs of climate change.

The information they gain is vital to science, to the environment and our safety. Autonomous underwater vehicles monitor the health of the oceans, map the sea floor and search for wreckage. Deep in forests, sensors monitor weather and soil for conditions that lead to wildfires. We avoid catastrophe much of the time thanks to this data transmitting warnings from orbiting satellites.

“The invisible but indispensable infrastructure of the satellite industry makes possible thousands of different applications that make our world better,” said executive director Robert Bell. “Working with Iridium, we were able to focus on satellite data transmission applications that help preserve nature from human-caused climate change, while shielding us from nature’s biggest dangers.”


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